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Style of hardwood floors

The hardwood floors are shown by style (basic parquet, herringbone, panels, etc.), click here if you want to navigate by work.

Panels Parquet D'Aremberg

Panels Parquet D'Aremberg Panels Parquet D'Aremberg Parquet with  Panels  d'Aremberg Panels of parquet d'Aremberg in oak Panels of parquet d'Aremberg Parquet in oak Panels d'Aremberg oiled waxed Parquet d'Aremberg - oak Parquet d'Aremberg Parquet oak gray Finishing aged patina washes Note : manufacture special of  half-panels Walnut, cherry and chestnut Walnut, cherry and chestnut for these panels Aremberg d'Aremberg The support of origine No worries! Glossing final will erase the marks of the yard. Panels Aremberg oak, aged and patinated . You can see a piece that comes eliminate a defect and participate in the aspect of former parquet. Panels parquet d'Aremberg in oak The plan Before the laying Panels d'Aremberg, thickness 22 Below windows Thea plan The site before laying Laying with glue of the parquet flooring Aremberg Parquet Aremberg, oak Oak floors, type Aremberg Parquet panel Aremberg brushed and aged Brushed, aged finishing Three kind of wood floor : D'Aremberg, end grain wood blocks and Chevron The panels Aremberg are centered on the fireplace Panels Aremberg gray leached Panels Aremberg in oak, gray leached Detail in front of the fireplace This gives us the size of panels: 120 cm Parquet panels  Aremberg in oak A panel of Arenberg in oak Panels Aremberg Aremberg oak panels Finishing aged patined  before installation The light hangs The  aged finishing shows better the light a stupidly sanded parquet D'Aremberg panels Oak Oak

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