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The hardwood floors are shown by work, click here if you want to navigate by style of hardwood floors (basic parquet, herringbone, panels, etc.).

End grain wooden floor for hexagon, and wood of thread for shuttles, in oak

End grain wood blocks in old oak

In an old apartment, parquet floor in oak, Aremberg, Chevron and end grain wood blocks in aged finishing

Entries, hallways, clearances and passages and related Calepinages

Using of our wooden floor in a clothing store in Estonia hexagons standing in a clothing store in Estonia

Parquet Chevron in oak gray leached in a studio in Paris

Parquet panels Aremberg in a mansion in Paris

Variation around the parquet floor in hexagon

Panel parquet de Versailles with shuttles

Parquet with panels Versailles and parquet Chevron in Bordeaux

Variation on the end grain wood blocks octagon with 'cabochon'

From old oak for these panels Versailles in a luxury apartment

End grain wooden blocks

Chevron parquet and Versailles parquet in walnut and cherry

Variations on the floor paving in end grain wood blocks

A single color, three type of parquet floor Aremberg Panels, Chevron and end grain wood blocks flooring in gray leached

Tradition and boldness Parquet Versailles and end grain wood blocks in a victorian house to London

Panels of parquet d'Aremberg oak gray leached Bd St Germain in Paris

End grain wood blocks in a Swiss Chalet

Panels Versailles with shuttles

Parquet d'Aremberg in oak grey


End grain wooden blocks in a master bedroom

Three kinds of Flooring: Versailles Panels, Chevron and straight blades in a Parisian apartment

Parquet Art nouveau in Paris

An original parquet Point de Hongrie in Paris

End grain wood blocks in a large room

Parquet Aremberg panels in walnut and cherry in the old city of Riom

Two levels of end grain wood blocks in a Paris apartment

Hard wooden floor end grain wooden blocks in a Paris apartment

Parquet Versailles in Reims

Parquet floor like scale

Parquet Chevron in a beautiful old apartment

Where the Parquet Chevron replaces the carpet

Panels Parquet de Versailles and parquet chevron in a beautiful apartment in Paris

Parquet d' Aremberg panels in the old city of Lyon

Parquet Chevron in Auvergne

Parquet of Aremberg installed in Lyon

A Parquet Chevron in the traditional way

The marriage of modern and the old parquet with a medieva lstyle

Parquet Versailles and others to replace the carpet

Parquet with panels d'Aremberg

Parquet panel Versailles in old oak, Boulevard St Germain in Paris

Where the carpeting is replaced by oak Parquet 14 mm Versailles

Beautiful parquet Aremberg in walnut and cherry

Panels parquet Versailles in Auvergne

Parquet Médieval in Bourbonnais

Parquet panel oak Old Versailles 14 mm in a hallway

The Versailles parquet authentic nature in an extraordinary private house 17th century in Paris

A superb house in the center of Geneva (Switzerland)

A nice simple hardwood floor in a typical Lyon style apartment (France).

The perfect combination of Versailles and Chantilly panels.

Panels Parquet D'Aremberg in Lyon (France)

Panels parquet de Versailles in an extraordinary apartment Place Vendôme in Paris

Beautiful panels in walnut and cherry massive

Where the Parquet Versailles regains its place of origin

An original project.

An Versailles parquet in Oxfordshire in England

Parquet Fougère in Carmel (California).

A totally personalized work.

Panels Parquet de Versailles and Parquet de Chantilly in mahogany and oak in Paris.

Light restoration of chevron hardwood floor

Black is beautiful !

The "cérusé" finish on a fougère parquet

A customized parquet floor with central carpet

The originality of paving hardwood blocks in a kitchen

In Paris, a nice flat with parquet chevron

The "ceruse" finish on a wide plank parquet.

A wonderfull parquet "Fougère"

French touch in the United States

A beautiful herringbone

Panels Versailles

Variations around work-sites harwood floor blade

Atelier des Granges, a french parquet flooring manufacturer.